About Me…


Life Coach

Hi, I’m Sharon!

First and foremost, I am a wife and a mother of two precious children. Until recently I was a stay-at-home mom and enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with my kids. Any parent knows that while being a parent is the most important job in the world, it can also be the most challenging, especially when you have to deal with tantrums, sibling rivalry and constants demands for attention, (read: food 😉 ) and little or no time for yourself. Add to that trying to keep your house clean, cook meals etc. (and if you are a working mom your job is even harder!). All of this can make you want to run for the hills! I felt that I needed to do something to change the way I was feeling so I decided to go on a one-day parenting workshop. The aim of the workshop was to “be the change” you want to see in your kids. For me, that meant being calm, happy, content and relaxed and having a peaceful, loving atmosphere at home. This workshop changed my life!

It resonated with me and helped me so much that I decided I would like to do the same for other people and that was the start of my journey to become a Life Coach. I enrolled in a course and here I am today – ready to help you!

My role as a Life Coach is to help you build the life you want for yourself. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and sometimes we don’t have any plans at all and find ourselves drifting through life, never really feeling fulfilled, happy or feeling that we are doing anything meaningful. Finding your purpose and following your dreams can seem out of reach BUT it is possible! With the help of a coach to guide, encourage, challenge and motivate you, you CAN have the life you want.

All it takes is the commitment to do whatever is necessary to reach your goal/s. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work paying off and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I also wanted to work with children so I enrolled in an Introductory Course in Child Psychology. (It’s not as short as you might think!) Children today grow up so fast and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to teach them everything we would like them to know about life and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs and challenges that life throws at us. Children need our time and attention so we can help them face the challenges of growing up with confidence, integrity and secure in the knowledge that they are being supported by loving parents.  I offer Emotional Intelligence Coaching for kids and teens between the ages of six and nineteen.   Visit www.coach4kidz.simplesite.com for more information and details on the program.

If you are interested in personal coaching or coaching workshops, please refer to the Services tab for more details.


I am a Certified Life Coach with a Diploma in Life Coaching and included in the subjects I have studied, are the following:

The Life Coaching Journey

  • Stages of the Life Coaching Journey
  • Preparing for Coaching
  • Self-awareness
  • Preparing for change
  • Your beliefs
  • Your values
  • Taking stock of now
  • Taking action – setting goals

The Professional Life Coach

  • Developing key skills for coaching others
  • Conducting coaching sessions
  • Ethics in Coaching
  • The Business of Coaching

Basic Life Skills

  • Diversity
  • Conflict Management
  • Problem Solving and Decision making
  • Self Image
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Trauma

In addition, I have a Diploma and Certificate in Child Psychology and have successfully qualified in the following subjects:

Communication with Children

  • How the child relates, speaks, listens and understands
  • Transactional Analysis and bring up children
  • Education towards a Whole Human Being
  • From Upbringing to Relationship
  • Family Conflict Management and Self-Discipline
  • The development of Language and Communication

Learning Psychology

  • Approaches to Early Learning
  • Learning and Cognition
  • Social, moral and cognitive development
  • The learning process
  • Brain-based Learning
  • Personality and Temperament Traits
  • Self-Awareness and its effect on learning
  • Intelligence and Intelligence Testing
  • Intelligence – the Nature/Nurture Debate
  • How Children Think
  • Learning in School

Child Development

  • Growth and Development
  • Learning in the Early Years
  • Diversity in Early Childhood
  • The Formation of Attachments
  • The Home, Family and School
  • The development of Visual Perception
  • How Behaviour is Acquired
  • Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory
  • Moral Development
  • The Development of Gender Roles
  • Aggression in Children
  • The Importance of Play
  • Behaviour Modification

Basic Principles of Research Methods

  • Explore how to form a Hypothesis for an Experiment
  • Identification of the Independent and Dependent Variables in an Experiment
  • Data Collection and Interpretation
  • Methods used in Child Development Research

First Aid

  • Basics and CPR
  • Medical emergencies
  • Injury emergencies
  • Environmental emergencies