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Personal Growth

THE PRICE OF PERFECTIONISM What does being a perfectionist mean? Simply, it means that there is absolutely no room for failure. Anything achieved by the perfectionist must be completely, well, perfect, no errors, not average but the best possible outcome that can be expected. This expectation is self-imposed and is often times, unrealistic. Perfectionists have […]

Personal Growth

Dealing With Change Life is constantly changing. Our circumstances change, we grow older, our children grow up, our jobs change, where we live changes, even the people (families aside) we spend time with changes. How do you feel about change? Does it scare you or excite you? Does it make you feel stressed and anxious […]


Is Life Passing You By? Is life passing you by while you for the ‘perfect’ time to realize your dreams, goals or desires? An example of this will be ‘when the kids are in school …’, or ‘when the kids are out the house …’, you get the idea. There will never be the perfect […]