Life Coaching or womenPre-coaching Session

Before you start your coaching journey, there will be a pre-coaching session which allows the coach and coachee to meet and decide whether or not they are a good fit. The coach and coachee will be working closely together and therefore both parties need to feel comfortable in order for the process to be successful. It is also necessary for the coach to establish that the prospective coachee is mentally fit to begin coaching and that there are no underlying psychological issues which may need to be addressed first. This pre-coaching session is free of charge and usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

Your Coaching Journey

My wish is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible , and I provide therefore that personal coaching may be conducted face-to-face, via the telephone, using Skype or by e-mail.

Face-to-face coaching sessions can be conducted by appointment weekdays mornings, alternatively they can also be arranged for Saturday mornings or afternoons, either in your home or at a venue such as a coffee shop if you live in Centurion. If you prefer personal interaction then this method of coaching would be best suited to you.

Alternatively, coaching can be done by weekly sessions on pre-arranged dates and times either by telephone (please note that the coachee is requested to telephone the coach at the pre-arranged time) or Skype and e-mail. If you have a limited amount of time and prefer being coached in the comfort of your own home, or live outside of Centurion, then this method of coaching would be ideal for you.

Rates for the coaching programme are as follows:

Eight weekly sessions at the rate of R300* per session. The total for all eight sessions (R2400) is required to be paid once the Coaching Agreement is signed, and before coaching begins. By prior arrangement, the total may also be paid in two instalments of R1200 each, at the beginning of each four week period.

Should you not want to sign up for the full coaching programme, you may pay per session at the rate of R350* per session. To achieve the maximum benefit for you, I would recommend that these sessions be face-to-face.

*(Rates are subject to change without notice. Should you however, have signed a Coaching Agreement, the rates agreed per that agreement will not be affected.)