Here’s how some of our Life Coaching and Workshop coachees have benefited!


Before I started coaching I felt as though I was only a single mom trying to keep my head above water – but now I see that I’m a successful woman who’s lucky enough to be a single mom to benefit the best of my daughter. I never allowed myself to have dreams and goals because I felt I could only focus on my daughter and her well-being and future. Now I know that there things that I want for myself and I’m allowed to have dreams. I feel that I am stronger and more positive now that I was before I started. I’m looking forward to what 2014 has in store for me.

Leanne - Single Mom, Johannesburg

The first few months of self-discovery, goal searching and prioritisation was the most important part of the life coaching for me. Sharon graciously led me to self-discover and improve myself as a person. Finding my strengths and how I could use that in attaining my goal was an eye opener to me. Getting rid of the limiting beliefs about the business was also a milestone in my journey. The business got so many queries that we have appointments lined up like never before. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the part of their lives where they are making big decisions.

Mariska- Working mother of two, Midstream

I found all the topics very relevant and as if it all was meant specifically for me. Thank you for an awesome, inspiring afternoon. You’ve opened my eyes!

Tracy- Working mom of two, Lyttelton

The workshop was great, I would definitely recommend it!

Lindsay- Working mom of two, Doringkloof

I found the workshop topics very relevant and practical. Thank you.

Diane- Mother of three, Centurion